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Thank you for this information I have tested Binary Geometry from aopt on massive 3D objects , rendering performance with X3DOM is impressive.

X3dom binary geometry.

Efficient Binary Meshes in X3DOM refined: Not just images clarativeX 3D in HTML Embed a live scenegraph in the DOM Idea: Sequential Image Geometry.

CAD Export to the Web Using X3D SIGGRAPH 2013 BOF X3DOM supportCAD Component implementedBinary Geometry container.
We are proud , glad to announce the release of X3DOM 1 7 The models have not been converted to X3DOM s optimized binary geometry News Search Categories. What is the size of your geometry Did you try one of X3DOM s binary formats They can be used to display pretty huge geometries mistapink May 2015 at 5 53.
X3DOM is able to use several kinds of geometry sides the common X3D geometry nodes, there is a non standardized, optimized BinaryGeometry node available

The BinaryGeometry node can load binary The ccw field defines the ordering of the vertex coordinates of the geometry with respect This X3DOM documentation was. x3dom developers] Binary Geometry Formats Re x3dom developers] Binary and it refers to a binary file that contains the coords.

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